Sunday, May 26, 2013

Grabbing Moments in my Sketchbook

I've been super busy painting for a commissioned project. I haven't done any personal projects for myself due to deadline crunching, and also because my husband and I decided to buy a new house.  Golly, that takes a lot of time on the phone! 

But there are always moments here and there I can put into my sketchbook.  My friend Sara bought me this adorable little 31 purse for carrying my sketchbook. It's the exact size of a moleskin, unzips to lay flat, and has a built-in pencil pouch. Perfect! I've been toting it everywhere and pulling it out even if only for a few seconds.

I did this one, "The Littlest Birds Sing the Prettiest Songs," based on a song that comes on my kids' radio. I think it's adorable. I grabbed these moments every day, a few minutes at a time, in the parking lot, waiting for Kindergarten to let out.

This one is based on my father-in-law's true story about a time he took the train in the summer-time, and a little boy was curious about his white beard, sure he was Santa, but trying to act skeptical. Very cute! I want to finish this one, 4 panels, in watercolor and ink.  Someday when I finish these commissioned pieces!

Have you ever had the experience of being confronted by an unpleasant person, who has the perfect face for a cartoon? I am so much better able to tolerate the person if I focus on how to draw her when I get home. Ha ha. Maybe instead I should try to find out how to love said person.

One artist whose work I admire, John Hendrix, illustrates the Sunday sermon, so I thought to try the same thing one day in church.

Also, in church, sometimes I sit where I can get a good view of others on the other side of the sanctuary, and they don't know I'm drawing them. ;)

In our small group, Katie is one of the pretties mommies I know with such a beautiful little boy. I had to draw them, too.
There's so much time to draw in church! Here is the pastor.
*Don't worry! I always absorb the sermon. I often remember more when my hands are busy!

I drew this one in church too. My favorite fantasy when I was a little girl.

Here's Mark, who gives announcements at our church.

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  1. :) These are awesome Brittany! I love how our portrait turned out...kinda Disneyish style. :)