Thursday, December 13, 2012


 This week's Illustration Friday word was "Explore." I had a lot going on this week, so I was pressed to finish this by tomorrow. (Hey, it's the Christmas season!)
I would love to hear how others might interpret this. I packed it with food-for-thought, and feel that saying anything might detract. 
Artistically, I am trying to use watercolors. This is my 4th attempt, and I like the bolder colors, but feel they could be bolder yet and with more varied layers of colors. I am actually hoping that in a few weeks I'll look back and realize how weak my painting skills were.
Also, I am trying to break away from realism in a unique, fun way that I enjoy.  Realism has always been what I've done previous to this blog. (I should post some of my old stuff.) But I don't feel it has a lot of value for illustration.  For this painting, I played with Micons to add line quality.  I am excited to see where these painting experiments take me in the months to come!

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