Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Loving Illustrating

I must apologize to myself for not blogging. For the bast month or two, my brain has completely checked out except for illustrating this book, “Chosen Last” by Ariel Oehmiechen. I’m staying home with my little boys right now, so my time is pulled in many directions, and how much I can accomplish from day to day is direcly linked to how much my little boys need me. This can be very hard to predict. I wish I could blog more, and track all the art I do. But every moment I have free, I spend it creating, rather than uploading. I’ll try to back up a bit and upload some art!
I drew as often as my little ones would let me. My house looked like I did nothing else. I must give a special thank you to my amazing husband who supported me by providing quiet moments to draw, folding heaps of wrinkled laundry, and washing enormous loads of dishes. Thank you, darling! Your support means the world to me!
I have to be honest now. I loved every moment of it. Even when my hand felt like it would fall right off my arm, I still loved it! I liked laying out the pages, finding references for the drawings, erasing the mistakes and working out the problems, and especially the careful, studious rendering of light, shadow, and texture. If I could do nothing but draw pictures for a career, I’d take it in a hearbeat!

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